How to get Started

Welcome to FlightsImages! Here you can find instructions on how to get started uploading!

1. Create an account if you haven't already. You can do that HERE.

2. Retrieve your API key from your my gallery page. This should be the page you see after logging in. DO NOT share this with anyone! Anyone that has this key can upload images as you! (You can click on the key to generate a new key)

3. Download and Install the latest version of ShareX from HERE.

4. Configure ShareX. From the main menu navigate to Destinations -> Custom Uploader Settings

5. Configure so your settings match exactly as here. Be sure to change "YOUR_API_KEY_HERE" to YOUR API KEY!

MAKE SURE EVERYTHING MATCHES! If some things are off, images may not upload.

6. Now select "Custom Image Uploader" as the default image uploader on the main page.

At this point everything should be configured! Begin uploading and sharing! There are some different ways you can view your images, but the easiest will be in your gallery. Enjoy!